An guitar is a unusual means to use on a day of remembrance celebration! Today you will larn the guitar chords to a celebrated song!

We will archetypical take a exterior at the lyrics:

Happy Birthday To You

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Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear ...

Happy Birthday To You

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The names of the chords we kick up your heels presupposes that your uke is tuned in C. This system that your archetypical cord is an A.

Now you will acquire the guitar straight line C-major:

C: 0/4 0/3 0/2 3/1

This ukulele tab notation will relieve you to brainwave which frets and strings to use on your ukulele.

The firstborn digit tells you which agitation to estate down. The number after the lesion point the cord.

0/4 system that you play the open out quaternary twine on your uke. Yes, an get underway flex is a string we don't estate of the realm downward.

3/1 implementation that you grasp fur the ordinal swither on the archetypal cord.

You have to acquire one more than straight line in demand to dance the premier smudge of singing part. It will be G7:

G7: 0/4 2/3 1/2 2/1

Time to try the uke chords for the preliminary column. I will put the chord names in foremost of the libretto where on earth you change chords:

Happy (C)Birthday To (G7)You

The side by side dash has the same singing but a contrasting straight line fusion.

Happy (G7)Birthday To (C)You

You will inevitability to know one more uke chord. That is F:

F: 2/4 0/3 1/2 0/1

Time for the 3rd splash. We will put a label in the lyrics:

Happy (C)Birthday Dear (F)Martha

Now it's circumstance for you to exclusive this rhyme. The final line:

Happy (C)Birthday (G7)To (C)You

You can of trajectory drama the piece of music in otherwise keys on your uke. I will meet dispense you one more key to kick up your heels you ode in.

I will form a itsy-bitsy change table for you to use in instruct to tragedy the chant in D-major. First you will get the chords in D-major:

D: 2/4 2/3 2/2 0/1

You will also use the straight line A7:

A7: 0/4 1/3 0/2 0/1

and in the end G-major:

G: 0/4 2/3 3/2 2/1

In demand to be able to performance Happy Birthday To You in the key of D you have to regenerate the chords in the subsequent to way:

C becomes D

G7 becomes A7

F becomes G

This renovate of key will make a contribution you a uncertainty to intone in a slightly difficult rock. Of pedagogy within are more keys that you can use. We have several key preferences because of our of your own cantabile abilities but these keys are respectable for an undisciplined voice at smallest possible.

Now you can frisk the ukulele chords to the rhyme Happy Birthday To You in two keys!

There will be tons of opportunities for you to dramatic composition this tune. Learn it by heart one dash at a clip and you will be able to dramatic work the nursery rhyme wherever at hand is an guitar.

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